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What we do

The Hall of Sandalwood

We work as an group of company in sandalwood sectors. Our vision is to produce high quality Indian sandalwood and export it in global market.

Sandalwood Corporation

We hold the group of companies which focus on the preservation of sandalwood to show how sandalwood is priciest and has commercial value in global market.


Sandalwood known for its fragrance is very priciest and valuable tree. It found in Australia, Indonesia and some part of India. Due to its fragrance nature it has high demand in perfume industries. Sandalwood oil is in pale yellow color has pleasant sweet yellow has high demand in global market. Sandalwood powder is also use in cosmetic industries and in pharmacy for making medicines.

India has two species of sandalwood white sandalwood and red sandalwood. Maturity age of white sandalwood is at 14 to 16 years by which an heartwood is extracted from tree by which we get pure oil and powder. Red sandalwood requires several hundred years to get mature and get in powder form use mostly as medicine.

  • Perfume and Fragrance Industries
  • In Medicine
  • Soap Manufacturing
  • For Carving
sandalwood plant


Benefits For Skin

Sandalwood oil is well known as an anti agent for skin. If you have ugly scars on skin then it acts as an cicatrizing and makes your skin smooth.

Cures Skin Infections

Sandalwood oil is very essential to reduce inflammation eruptions of skin.

Prevents Skin Aging

Sandalwood oil work as an anti aging for skin and it effect for long time.

As Antiseptic Agent

It is use to prevent injuries, boils from getting gangrenous and infections too.

Helps Boost Memory

Its help to stimulates brain cells and nerves and increase the concentration and memory power.

Sandalwood Products

sandalwood oil
Sandalwood Oil

Brain Chamber Technologies export high quality sandalwood oil from India. Sandalwood is highly valuable and commercial product use in perfume manufacturing and oil industries in India. Now days it is export quality oil has highly demanded in US, China and in India and its demand is increasing day by day. Generally sandalwood oil is in yellow color and appearance is slightly viscous oily. It has sweet odor which makes its more demandable.

sandalwood powder
Sandalwood Powder

Brain Chamber Technologies export high quality sandalwood powder from India. Sandalwood powder is widely use for manufacturing incense sticks, soaps and cosmetics. Its fresh aroma add special effect in product when it get added in it. We produce huge quantity of sandalwood powder which has demand for various products.

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